The Center’s activities can be grouped in four broad themes: a) human development and social policies; b) growth structural transformation and business development; c) infrastructure and knowledge-based economy; and d) economic governance and institutional reforms. In these areas we do i) data collection and dissemination, including publication of user-friendly on-line databases ii) research, including policy papers, briefs, periodical journals; iii) awareness-raising and outreach programs; and iV) capacity building and development.

In these priority areas the Center is cooperating with a number of partners, including international and local NGOs, various local constituencies, Government and international development agencies. Most of the activities are conducted as projects with partners. The Center supports its activities also through mobilizing resources from its followers and supporters. In order to enhance the resource base a subsidiary company was established in 2004 (EDRC LLC). All revenues generated by the company are directed to the Center for supporting its core activities. 

List of Project/Research Areas (Interests):

1. Human Development and Social Policies

  • Demographic Developments and Migration
  • Poverty, Inequity and Social-Economic Rights
  • Social Services and Vulnerability
  • Food Safety and Security, Consumer Protection
  • Healthcare, Education and Labor Policy
  • Environment, Climate Change and Renewable Energy

2. Infrastructures and Knowledge Economy

  • Innovation and Knowledge Economy
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Infrastructures Development
  • Financial Sector Development

3. Economic Governance and Public Administration

  • Good Governance and Public Sector Reforms
  • Public Finance and Tax Policy
  • Monetary Policy and Prices
  • Business Environment and Quality Infrastructures
  • Rural and Urban Development
  • International Economic Relations and Regional Integration
  • Growth and Enterprise Development

4. Growth Sustainability and Development Prospects

  • Investment Policy and Knowledge Transfer
  • Industrial Policy and Enterprise Development
  • Trade Policy and Export Promotion