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Mission Statement

Economic Development and Research Center (EDRC) is a non-profit, nonpartisan think-tank, based in Yerevan (Armenia), dedicated to addressing economic and social challenges that Armenia faces and contributing to public policy discourse.

The mission of EDRC is to provide high-quality research and build capacities in order to contribute to the development of competitive economy and to the sound social policies in Armenia.

EDRC believes that the fundamentals of developed and competitive Armenia should lie in democracy and human rights, limited but functional and accountable government, strong incentives for all to invest and grow, social cohesion and strong communities. EDRC believes in freedom and works to strengthen democracy by providing the citizens and institutions with the tools and recourses to participate in and influence the public policy.

EDRC conducts research and evaluations, develops policy options and makes policy recommendations, disseminates its knowledge products through its web site, printed materials and the Economic Policy Journal, organizes trainings and workshops.

EDRC is a member of Civil Society Partnership Network of Armenia and actively participates in civil society efforts of advocating the concept of good governance and poverty reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was EDRC established and who founded it?

EDRC was established in 2001 in Yerevan, Armenia, by a group of young and motivated economists. In the early stages of their carrier EDRC’s founders worked for the Government and CBA of Armenia contributing to Armenia’s first economic reforms.

What makes EDRC unique?

EDRC is unique because it has diverse areas of interests that varies from macroeconomic modeling and distributive analysis to advocacy of transparent budget processes and dissemination of knowledge assets through high quality Economic Policy Journal.
EDRC is proud that being a strong advocate of functional liberal market economy with limited state interventions; it also prioritizes the need for upgrading country’s social capital as a vehicle for sustainable growth and European integration. This reflects EDRC’s balanced ideological approach.
In addition, EDRC does not have any political affiliation and is independent from the authorities or any other political power and politically motivated individuals. This status, which is quite unique in the “think-tank” market of Armenia, has positioned EDRC as a trusted partner for research and policy related services.

What does EDRC do?

EDRC gathers and analyzes data, conducts research, evaluates public programs and services, based on its findings makes recommendations, implements awareness rising and policy advocacy campaigns. EDRC supports national processes of developing and reviewing MDGs, PRSP and MTEF working in strong collaboration with donors and Government. EDRC supports students, young scholars and civil society institutions by providing recourses and tools for public policy evaluation, participation and advocacy.
The products of EDRC are databases; models and tools; research and analytical papers; a Journal and newspapers; guides and training materials; TV and radio programs.
EDRC’s projects are in the following areas:
  • Economic Development and Management,
  • Poverty and Distribution,
  • Public Policies and Social Programs,
  • Good Governance and Institutional Development,
  • Private Sector Development.

    How many people work at EDRC?

    Staff of 9 people works permanently for EDRC. EDRC also uses its wide network of experts and consultants that work for EDRC on project basis. In 2006, 24 specialists worked for EDRC, of which 7 researchers had PhDs.

    Who supports EDRC?

    EDRC is registered as an NGO (registration N1945) and majority of its funding comes from grants provided by international governmental and non-governmental institutions. EDRC also receives support from its founders and individuals – friends of EDRC. To broaden its project funding EDRC has established a commercial organization that provides services and supports EDRC mission. EDRC strategy is to diversify its funding base and increase the role of un-earmarked donations.
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